Art & Creative Direction

I am a multidisciplinary french graphic designer mostly focused in print collaterals as branding
and editorial design. I am graduated of a master degree in Artistic Direction and I am since working with agencies (Mazarine, Ohlman Consorti, ...)
across differents creative fields (Fashion, Luxury, Culture, Branding, Editorial projects, Packaging, Image development, ... )

I have also established my own practice since 2019 as a Communication Designer. My approch of design is based on meaning, semiotic and symbolism.
This is why my perception of branding creation is to provide clear design solutions based on strategic development and structured reflection.
How image is define really matters.

Feel free to contact me for a resume, a project, anything even to say hello !


CONTACT ︎︎︎  (eMail) (Phone) (+33) 7 84 44 80 72 (Instagram) justinederoaldes  (Behance) (Linkedin)